Prepare to be captivated by an audacious musical experiment that challenges the norms of DJing. Introducing “BLINDSET #1 – PLAYING WITHOUT SIGHT” by Zyranox, a boundary-pushing composer and DJ from Mexico.

Zyranox takes the art of DJing to new heights with this innovative track. Venturing into the realms of Tech House, Techno, and House music, Zyranox delivers an unforgettable performance that transcends the traditional DJ set. In a daring move, Zyranox takes on the challenge of DJing entirely blindfolded, proving that true mastery lies in the ability to mix and match tracks without the crutch of visual cues.

With this audacious experiment, Zyranox aims to redefine the perception of DJs and showcase the true craftsmanship behind electronic music. The ground rules set for this performance—no sync, tempo matching allowed, tactile markings, and complete blindness—underscore Zyranox’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical artistry.

Experience the electrifying “BLINDSET #1 – PLAYING WITHOUT SIGHT” by Zyranox on YouTube, and witness the transformative power of music performed with ingenuity and passion.

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