Lusq is a singer and songwriter based in Denver Colorado. He offers a beautiful array of uplifting music, loaded to the brim with positive vibes, and fabulous storytelling. The song ‘Bleach’ has a gorgeous Chill Electronic Pop feel to it, but with a completely modern and gentle core; a pleasant and natural switch up for such a timeless genre. This is music to lift your mood, to inspire you to get out and enjoy the world. Just what we need more of.

Bleach’ is a really strong track; a catchy, stand-out melody, with some superb imagery – particularly in the chorus – to really let you relax and escape as the song plays. Not only does the track hold tight to the song’s original depth and purity, but its relevance is maintained with that brilliant hit of upbeat modern Chill Electronic Pop. A Bedroom Pop twist to put their stamp on it, yet everything remains that originally made it what it was – a great song, great melodies, great meaning. All those feelings of happiness and dedication are still there.

Lusq has absolutely done a brilliant job by bringing us this awesome track with a unique vibe. Even before you’ve read the background story, it’s a song that almost immediately captures your heart. Incredibly stunning imagery in the opening verses beautifully played music, fantastic product that allows you to really turn it up loud and be surrounded by the music as well. 

The impact of the track hit more and more as it rolled along, but not for the usual reasons; there’s no build-up of drums or unnecessary adding of instruments – the lyrics just stretch out around you, so you’re lost in the song, particularly when you listen with the video as accompaniment.

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