Caden Only brings a little bit of classic hip-hop along with rap and drives it high and bright with his own unique vocal rhythm and style. His musical backdrop provides listeners with the hypnotic good vibes that strong and creative production offers, yet his vocal performance and lyricism on top of this add something that puts his personal stamp on all that he writes and releases. Caden Only has released this awesome track “BLACK SHEEP” to all the audience out there and you can see the uniqueness throughout the track in a nicer manner. Caden Only is from Los Angeles and he is a self-produced recording artist and a rapper. 

The music is stylish, there’s a sense of peace about it, yet on the whole, the sound is quite striking. It creates a calming ambiance that quickly sets an easy-going vibe for listeners to revel in, but there’s nothing overly mellow or laid back about the rap performances involved – there’s an increasing level of passion in the sound of the voice, and this expresses the lyrics and ideas in a way that builds in intensity alongside the soothing overtones of the instrumentation.

Caden Only has done a nice job by releasing an awesome video along with “BLACK SHEEP.” It is something great and unique with a black and white pace. Once again the music of Caden Only has a style and an attitude that grabs you from the offset, and the calming nature of the whole thing keeps you involved, whilst those lyrics and those voices captivate you throughout. It seems like a simple concept, the theme seems fairly common, but there’s nothing hugely predictable about the verses. Stay tuned with Caden Only to witness more unique music in the near future. 


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