THRILL balances ambient embrace with straightforward soulful emotion, combining creative vocal play with a strong groove and classic production.

Birthday Cake, which arrives a few seconds beyond the three-minute mark, begins with nostalgic R&B vocals over a dreamy background of a boldly escalating pace. Collaborating with Lil Bennu, Jude Flower & ILB, THRILL allows for a certain level of soul to shine through the mix, as he demonstrates an incredible ear for melody.

Thrill is a South Korean music artist who blends R&B, hip hop, and rap styles in his music. An upcoming artist with much potential, Thrill has already released a number of well-crafted singles, which are available on Youtube.

Birthday Cake kicks in with a euphonic tune and an immediate vocal delivery, with the lyrics being both catchy and easy to sing along to. The production is very classic, with a strong focus on the groove and the overall feeling of the song. The atmosphere is very nostalgic and ambient, with a touch of soulfulness.

The song continues to escalate in pace and emotion, with the chorus being both catchy and memorable. The lyrics are very relatable and easy to connect with, making the song even more enjoyable. The overall song is very catchy and easy to listen to, with a great production value.

A Korean rap portion appears halfway through the song and blends in nicely with the song’s ambiance and general vibe. The rapping is very well done, with great delivery and lyrical prowess. The rap section is followed by an amazing vocal performance with great passion and feeling.

It’s clear that Thrill is an artist with a lot of potentials. His music is creative, soulful, and very catchy. If you’re a fan of R&B or hip hop, then you should definitely check out Thrill’s music. You won’t be disappointed.

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