Yae Breezy’s return with KJ this month sees the artist aiming further than ever before, opening with a fast captivating soundscape and concept — a smooth and colorful backdrop and beat that perfectly complements the lyrical profundity that follows through his latest release, “Bigger Bag.”

As the song progresses, Yae Breezy’s personality shines through more prominently. “Bigger Bag” begins with an excellent beat and a sequence of short, snappy verse lines and clever remarks, and the artist quickly transitions into a level of passion and character.

The lyrics and vocal delivery develop with equal parts of passion and confidence, resulting in an immediately gripping single with an intriguing plot – becoming increasingly stunning and showcasing a whole different side to the artist. 

“Bigger Bag” clearly finds Yae Breezy at the pinnacle of his abilities. While there are flashes of contemporary hip hop for style points, this just serves to attract a larger audience.

The great majority of the song emerges as an alternative anthem, a go-to that rains down uplifting beauty and enticing melody.

At the same time, the song has a constant feeling of aim, both lyrically and in the emotion of the voices. The delivery, whether rapped or sung, captivates and satisfies.

The elegance of the genre from back in the day shines through both instrumentally and in the rapper’s vocal style and lyrical approach. Short lines come in confidently, and plenty of minimalist bars reach out as elegant, intelligent, or distinctive as the track unfolds.

The final half, in particular, adds a bit more information while remaining true to the song’s easy-rhythm and anthem-like features.

“Bigger Bag” introduces Yae Breezy in a new way with a bang again, displaying a feeling of drive, grit, and conceptual intention. Even after a second listen, you’re likely to feel the urge to dip back in once more simply to appreciate the scope of the lyrical sentiments completely.

The intensity and energy remain across his albums, with that voice being a readily identifiable feature and thread. It will be exciting to see where the music leads him in the following months and years.

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