Big Walk is the sort of track by Codi CAMG that makes you aware of its presence. The musical backdrop has a looping ambiance that hints at an uplifting essence and content intended to inspire and motivate. It’s an impressive and unwavering flow, offering a consistent level of energy and precision, and passion that grips throughout. The longer you listen, the sound evolves into something familiar, the hook dances around you in a way that again makes certain you’re aware of its presence, and the leading rap vocal hits as that of a confident and more than capable lyricist and performer.

Beginning with the perfect kind of beat to vibe to, fusing that laid-back, ambient energy with a mellow hip-hop rhythm, Big Walk opens up and moves along in the right kind of way. Codi CAMG’s voice and lyricism are the final pieces of the puzzle, starting with the softly melodic hook, presenting a uniquely deep, confident, and characterful leading voice, soon followed up by a rap performance that keeps the rhythm and flows relevant and brings about a certain kind of honesty and realness that speaks to the heart of authentic hip-hop.

Here the heart of the genre is maintained and celebrated, and this brings a definite sense of realness. Plus, those characters, that personality, it all shines more accessible and honestly in this kind of setting. The more you listen, the more familiar those voices become, and the sound has certain collective qualities that further the authenticity.

Codi CAMG nicely produced and presented this whole thing in a nicer way and this track gives you one of the best feelings inside and out. The musical energy of the piece sets an appealing mood, and the tone and performance style of that leading vocal makes you feel as if something important is happening. It’s likely to bring listeners through to seek out more releases, more ideas, from the artist behind it as well.

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