These days you really need to get creative in hip hop in order to have any sort of impact or even come through with something original and memorable. Whatever opinions you begin to form – initially when reading the title to this track, and later by listening to the various sections that make it up – it’s pretty difficult to deny that BIG MICHAEL has categorically taken the concept of getting creative to a totally carefree and characterful level.

by my lonely is a release with ear-wormery and unusual lyricism in a unique way. The first is the song’s hook – the opening moments of melody lay this out, alongside of which runs the track’s beat, by BIG MICHAEL ; undoubtedly a crisp and smooth, effective hip hop backdrop in itself. BIG MICHAEL’ initial vocal delivery for this hook has a strangely whispered style to it, adding further to this layer of personality and the all round unpredictable nature of the piece. As stated, you can’t deny the creativity, and what’s more – these opening moments offer a definite level of intrigue. You want to hear more, you want to see where this goes.

by my lonely evidently has a way with creative production that brings a supremely high quality alongside of a knowing, experienced approach to hip hop. There’s a classic aura to all of this, a dash of nostalgia – just when you thought these days were all but done with. More than this though, it isn’t particularly reminiscent of anything – it feels fresh, the layers and the details are phenomenal, and always that finish lets each element glisten as it should.

Production aside for a second, although it’s a huge part of what makes this so impressive, the creative building blocks are incredibly immersive and awesome to escape among. So much so that when the piece is just a second away from its first minute ticking by. This feeling, among other high rising moments within the track, quite cleverly reminds you of the title and the underlying potential concept.

In some respects the verses feel like a freestyle, a stream of consciousness – flawlessly presented but relentless and energetic throughout, seeing the artist barely pause to catch his breath. The varied melodic style keeps things moving, keeps you involved and interested – it gives the track a sense of structure. And all the while, this cool, seductive, alternative hip hop vibe burns brightly from start to finish; even leaning in something of a rap direction during the latter half. The lyricism intensifies, the pace quickens, and you feel the hit of the emotion and the moment – the lightning strike of it, essentially.

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