Prepare to be transported into the heart of a haunting love story with Big Jack’s Revenge’s latest rock ballad, ‘Dream On.’ Hailing from the hard rock cradle of Hannover, Germany, guitarist Mario Timme, along with his partner in crime, keyboardist Frank Teuteberg, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions with their captivating music style.

‘Dream On’ was born during the pandemic lockdown, where Mario’s six-string became a portal to an enchanting world of melodies. Collaborating with the talented Ulli Dürkop, the lead singer of AC DC tribute band Hellfire, Big Jack’s Revenge crafts a dark and mysterious hard rock album that pierces the soul.

The fusion of power guitars with haunting melodies produces a sound that sends chills down your spine, while drummer Tim Walkling and bassist Jürgen Dehmel (NENA) complete this dynamic band.

Follow Big Jack’s Revenge into the shadows as they continue to create breathtaking music and deliver unforgettable shows.

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