RB King is undoubtedly an artist worth paying attention to. The new track BID is a superb place to start. RB King is a Hip-Hop lyricist and recording artist from Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. Through his wordplay and conscious delivery, he solidifies that he isn’t a product of his environment but can still relate to those enduring the struggles of where he resides. King establishes himself as a voice for those who are eager to change the dynamic of society while still enjoying the finer things in life, as he produces a diverse repertoire of tracks included in his catalog. 

The song exudes style, skill, and professionalism at every moment, right from the opening instrumentation. The energy and rhythm of the track is perhaps the first thing to reach out, then the melody steps into place, and soon enough you witness and realize the sheer brilliance of the artist’s vocals as well.

Production-wise it’s a job well done. Not just in the creativity present throughout the instrumentation and the effects and the structure, but also in the way that each of the voices has been incorporated into the mix. The focus remains on the song as a whole, rather than constantly drawing your attention to the voice or any particular lyric. In a lot of ways the backing track soaks up the vocal and everything fits well together.

Structurally the song features a strong presence of change, different sections, and moments that come into play to keep you interested. Furthermore, also in terms of the songwriting, the melody line throughout is very easy to absorb and remember – the hook in particular, but even just the verses surrounding it. It’s highly unlikely that this song would get lost among a collection. The pop and Rap genres inspired ambiance fuses awesomely with the tribal edge as mentioned, and the artist himself makes the whole thing even more expressive and memorable with his personality and style.

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