Stringflow’s tremendous energy and ingenuity combine infectiously on “Better Now.” Stringflow exploits every second of its over a three-minute duration, presenting an ever-changing ambiance complete with an evolving mood, multiple layers of detail, and some surprise drops, both to newer heights and quieter, more open levels.

Stringflow is devoted to spreading wonderful music to as many people as possible. That is undoubtedly his goal as an electronic music producer and a student of Kygo, Ferry Corsten, Ryan Tedder, Stevie Mackey, Nicky Romero, and Louis Bell. He immediately recognized that he enjoys melodic music, which is beautiful and uplifting.

Stringflow first heard electronic music in 2008, when he heard Tiesto’s mix Adagio for Strings and fell in love with it right away. He primarily creates EDM and Dance music, and all of his works are melodic in nature.

“Better Now” glides through a three-minute eight lifetime with a distinct identity yet a captivating warmth. It stylishly blends aspects of the nostalgic atmosphere and a clear edge of now in the grit and clarity of the mix.

That is to say, the tune includes riffs, qualities, and details that you can easily recognize – but above all, it gives a beautiful burst of escapism that quickly overwhelms and urges an increase in loudness.

The single rapidly engages with its listeners. It builds up nicely with the nostalgically reverb-drenched presence of a relentless Tropical House rhythm, basic synth melody, and hypnotically echoing fragments.

The vocal is subtly mixed, keeping the general feel and genre at the forefront, making the experience far more about the listener than the artists – a rarity in modern music.

As a result, the music is catchy and delightfully uplifting, with infinite remix possibilities but a stand-alone strength in its accuracy and clever balancing of bass, rhythm, and melody.

The track’s production is massive, taking its time to grow and brilliantly portraying each passing idea as the song evolves. The more critical scenes carry a lot of weight because of the color and engaging levels of detail and warmth.

Everything comes together nicely to make this a sure-fire hit in the coming months and beyond.

It’s critical to have songs like these that go far and wide while also conveying a resounding message of optimism and depth.

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