With “Believe me,” ODDxRude introduces his own sound in a simple yet bold and memorable style, stylishly blending a catchy beat and easy electronic rhythms with lots of space and a classical, mellow story-telling edge Lofi/hip-hop.

ODDxRude, a 27-year-old Lofi/hip hop musician, has continued to dazzle us with the variety of his flows and lyrics and his genre flexibility. With tunes ranging from drill and boom-bap to melodious Lofi bangers, ODDxRude never fails to impress. From the top to the bottom of the artist’s discography, one can hear her grow as he seems to settle into his natural sound right in front of his eyes and ears.

He appears to blend the vocals into the instrumental with a sharpness that creates its own vibe! With influences such as juice wrld, sewer person, guardian, 7ru7h, and others, I’m convinced ODDxRude will continue to amaze us for many years. Please keep a lookout for this musician, as he will undoubtedly make a name for himself.

Great sound design and vivid optimism set the tone for ODDxRude’s new track in a creatively original and authentic way. Following that is an equally nice groove and a faster-paced vocal that blends rap and melody to feel both mellow and energetic at the same time.

“Believe me” leads with a level of identity every step of the way, balancing a particularly vintage ambiance with a lower-toned, soothing yet still solid vocal line.

It all feels like a rhythmically polished hit with two distinct vocal sections, a dazzling musical aura, and an aggressive and dark textual backbone.

Throughout the song, ODDxRude shows off a variety of flows. The information and rhythm are laid out in quick bars, yet the synthesized ambiance maintains everything calm and genuine musically. The structure allows for different resolutions and changes in direction to keep you interested.

Nothing is held back on “Believe me” – ODDxRude shoots high and refuses to be anything other than bold and gritty throughout the track’s existence. A dark/Lofi is an irresistible burst of energy and self-assurance.

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