The new single “Battle Field” from New York’s Jah Bandz provides a solid and remarkable foundation for an artist with an evident enthusiasm and aptitude for the art form, fusing interesting backdrops with Swift and soulful vocals and long-form musical story-telling.

The track introduces the artist as honest, thoughtful, and clearly on the level when it comes to modern music and the current sound of the mainstream hip hop and RnB worlds, expertly balancing an insightful and revealing way with catchy story-telling alongside contemporary references and accessible vibes.

The single moves to the rhythm of its own drum, blending invigorating tones with tuneful, meandering hip hop progressions, resulting in an ultimately creative aura that artfully crosses the line between beach-side dance vibes and something a bit closer to RnB.

“Battle Field” is a piece of music that gets right to the point, speaks from the center, and stays relevant and engaging in its own way right to the end, with a delicate balance around melody and rap, a vibrantly colored soundscape with an uplifting bounce to it, and a clear-cut, open and honest vocal (that’s incredibly refreshing to hear after a string of well-crafted RnB and Hip Hop blend).

Professionalism shines brightly, and Jah Bandz’s flawless delivery and flow help create a sense of movement that’s brilliantly engaging. Expect to hear a lot more from this artist in the coming months and years.

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