ODDxRude’s return this week presents every bit of style and skill as his previous releases, though in this case the song comes with a distinctly meaningful and quite striking underlying concept and story line. The music itself is blissfully ambient – a few gentle riffs make up the signature soundscape in a subtle yet memorable way. This musicality lays the foundation well for the reflective lyricism and emotion that follows.

From a production perspective, ODDxRude is smashing it – this track has everything where it needs to be. The opening piano part leaves its mark in an instant, creating that initial, signature trait. The simple click of rhythm adds next to the soundscape, as well as some carefully and delicately placed, distant vocal parts. Then you get the song itself, the driving vocal performance delivers it in a fairly attention grabbing way – the surrounding ambiance is so mellow and spacious that you’re immediately drawn to the artist and the rhythm of his voice.

The presentation of the lyrics is quite unusual – the rhythm of each line varies, almost leaning in more of a spoken word direction than simply melodic at times. On top of this, the leading artist’s voice has a certain delicacy and realness that really delivers each thought with power and authenticity. The accompanying soundscape, however simple it may be, adds a lot to this effect. Being able to see the face of the artist performing, as well as being able to follow these lyrics along so intently, makes certain you grasp and appreciate the overall concept.

There’s a lot of space on this record, the vibe is light and atmospheric – laying bare certain ideas and really keeping your focus on the thoughts within, as well as allowing you that room and that time to consider and understand it all. The track brings the classic good vibes and impressive writing that audiences will have come to expect from ODDxRude, and all the while it offers something completely unexpected and deep.
ODDxRude’s music definitely takes a little of what is well known or powerful in hip hop, musically speaking, and fuses it with his own take on expression and performance. Certain moments within the verses flow really well, and as stated – that real emotion that is the underlying essence of the song is detectable throughout. The song has the potential to hit hard, perhaps in a live setting the passion would be further intensified.

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