Distinctly accomplished, complicated lyrics accompanied with fast rappings and simple tunes to make the song minimalist, Bando by Young Gravity delivers excitement and incredible feelings in one song.

Dutty Quel, stage named Young Gravity, is an artist and a songwriter from New York. He makes hip hop and rap-style music and has released a total of 16 tracks so far.

Incredibly hypnotic, Bando scoots by in 4 concise minutes that will have you wondering if you blinked and missed it. The mix itself is enormous, huge slabs of sound that have been compressed so that everything feels louder than everything else. There’s a beautiful sense of swirling excess about the whole thing, which adds an almost psychedelic flavor to the listening experience.

Vocals are used in stacks to help drive the rhythm and add huge swathes of padded warmth to proceedings. It’s truly used as an instrument in all senses. It’s impressive. The ululating depth of Young Gravity’s vibrato adds movement within the stacks, making it a kinetic set of performances rather than simply ‘here is a pile of harmonies’.

Listen to Bando on Youtube. Find Young Gravity on Audio Mack, Musix Match, and Spotify and follow him on Instagram.

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