Born and bred in New York and having a great passion for music “Young Gravity” has come up with recently released single “Bando” to his beloved audience all out there. 

Introducing brilliantly crisp and warm rap music, with soulful vocals taking a little inspiration. Rap music is an art and not everyone can do the same with a great passion and an ability. Young Gravity is one of the best rappers alive and when you see and listen to his tracks, you will realize how amazing he is doing his job. 

This whole track feels and conveys like we are in a new paradise, Heavily ambient, distorted yet smooth, emotive yet on point for the contemporary scene. The whole performance is amazing with great and heavy vocals. We are pretty sure this whole tune, music always rumbles through your head and will bring you the best out of everything. Rap music always brings the whole weight and the power of music from the singer and “Young gravity” shows his true and amazing talent by doing this piece of work.

Nicely produced and presented,  fresh & engaging, easily memorable as well. We hope to see the future work from “Young Gravity” and hope you all do too.

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