A well talented, young and awesome artist “King Benzo Lenoir” has recently released his other amazing tracks to all the audience out there. “BALENCIAGA REMIX” is a track that is well worth listening and witnessing at the same time. This awesome track will sweep away all your negative moods within a second and will fix all your moods as well. King Benzo Lenoir is not just an artist, he is a producer ;  writer; Motivational speaker, CEO and founder of Black Leopon Clothing and Black Leopon Entertainment & International Records. He is also a husband and father of two.

As a soundscape, this represents a very energetic and interesting vibe all over the track. And yet from an artistic perspective there is so much more to the release and indeed to the character that comes through in the video. It’s brilliantly entertaining, in a new and interesting way.  King Benzo Lenoir popularity is growing around the world whether is in his hometown of Kinshasa or in the US where he resides now not just because of his music and powerful lyrics but also because of the originality and the quality of his music videos. 

The way in which the artist presents his songwriting and performance style has a touch of Hip Hop and rap genre which is amazing. The interesting nature of the introduction makes for a powerful contrast with what follows. The artist’s adjustment of his own vocal performance feeds into the change superbly, and the song hits hard with every step of rhythm and energy and emotion. This is the refreshing sound of songwriting that is free from imposed, societal standards, that showcases creative freedom, yet that satisfies effectively as all skillfully composed and thoughtfully structured music should.

The production on the track is on point, the mix allows each moment to shine as it should but all the while maintains that easy going energy and holds up the good vibes; the smoothness and the crisp sense of character are represented in equal parts. Lyrically you’re likely to take away the concept of enjoyment over material things, and yet in addition, the final few moments of lyricism touch on something much energetic and of notable depth – a hint of things to come perhaps, an artist with something else to say; a further dash of realness and a clever way to finish.

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