On this latest collaboration remix with I$$A, Benzo Lenoir leads with a laid-back sense of rhythm and optimism, offering up the delightful good vibes of a delicately crafted soundtrack, “BALENCIAGA,” along with a string of energizing vocals and an accurate understanding of intention and character, all accompanied by exceptional visuals.

Benzo Lenoir began his musical career in 2020 after being born on January 2nd, 1995, in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (central Africa). Music by Benzo Lenoir is the most versatile of his generation. Indeed, Benzo Lenoir’s music spans several genres, including Afro (AfroBeat and Afrotrap), Hip-hop, Trap music, CongoTrap music, and French rap. 

Benzo Lenoir also speaks three languages: English, French, and Lingala, all of which he incorporates into his songs. King Benzo Lenoir is a producer, writer, motivational speaker, and the CEO and founder of Black Leopon Clothing and Black Leopon Entertainment & International Records. 

The combination of the beat and the ambiance works well here. Like the movement of the track, that chord sequence is simple, but it creates something vaguely familiar and, hence, reassuring. 

Along with this, the lead vocal has a particular softness to it — an expressive serenity, genuine yet gentle in delivery. You have faith in the words and manner — for some reason, the whole thing has an air of genuineness about it.

On top of an undeniably effective collection of building blocks, the remix “BALENCIAGA” exudes an enormously positive and inspiring vibe. The room is filled with beautiful vibrations the entire time – the soundtrack is multi-layered, stunning, and full of music, passion, and happiness. 

Then there’s the concept, the brief sentences, the sense of personality in the leading voice, and the plot. Once more, there are a few sprinkles of metaphor, which are simplistic yet rather remarkable. All of this contributes to a successful transaction.

The set-up works well on the structural front, and we always get the simple resolve of the hook – the title-line resounding through the mix.

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