Bad MF by Orange Sota offers up a stylish fusion of soulful, hip-hop-inspired vibes and a slightly more rap edge. The beat actually has a rap-like aura to it, a certain lightness, which works beautifully alongside the similarly themed soundscape. There’s a simplicity to the music that quite simply creates a particular mood and arena of audio and video – within which the leading artist’s ideas and flow can confidently and effectively do their thing.

The pace of the rap vocal offers a high energy contrast with the smoothness of the music and the accompanying, melodic vocal parts. The soundscape alone seems soaked in a hip-hop-inspired aura, yet the storyline and authentic emotion presented in the rap create a different mood. The entire track flies by so quickly, despite the calming ambiance of the music. When you listen over, which you will, as the lyricism has such a genuine and intriguing feel to it, there’s so much truth and realness at hand. The honesty and openness seem unedited, as real as it gets, and this takes you back a little as you listen. That contrast between music and performance is powerful, you hang on those words yet all the while you lose yourself in the ambiance. Those who have been through similar situations are likely to find their minds wandering off into the past.

Together the audio and the video create a brilliant dynamic that brightens up every moment and invites a feeling of togetherness – supporting that idea of unity beautifully. The song welcomes its audience to be involved in the energy and the good vibes, the title and subsequent hook are instructional – this amazing soul offers motivation and a carefree sense of enjoyment and progression.

There are one or two moments within this single, within the three minutes and six seconds experience, where the quiet, the spaciousness, explodes into something multi-layered and colorful. These drops, as it were, have an intense effect. The weightage and the powerful vocals will attract you once you listen to the track, initially, and the later power of the complete mix, is magnetic – it draws you in from afar, willing you to turn it up or to switch to the more personal medium of headphones to truly immerse yourself in the audio.

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