Stringflow’s “Bad Girl” is one of the most infectiously melodic pop kissed trap alternatives this month, combining rhythmic bars, a synthetic flickers-led immersive soundscape, and a diverse flow complete with a recognized vocal tone to really attract listeners in.

Stringflow is devoted to spreading wonderful music to as many people as possible. That is undoubtedly his goal as an electronic music producer and a student of Kygo, Ferry Corsten, Ryan Tedder, Stevie Mackey, Nicky Romero, and Louis Bell. He immediately recognized that he enjoys melodic music, which is both beautiful and uplifting.

Stringflow first heard electronic music in 2008, when he heard Tiesto’s mix Adagio for Strings and fell in love with it right away. He primarily creates EDM and Dance music, and all of his works are melodic in nature.

Stringflow’s first full-length song, “Bad Girl,” is entirely self-produced. Everything from vocals to production and everything in between. He took part in a masterclass with Ryan Tedder, which Monthly presented, and this is how this song came to be. 

“Bad Girl” offers a mesmerizing, attractive backdrop alongside a highly expressive vocal, and with the latter guarantees a memorable hook, the song and lyric of which stay endlessly.

“Bad Girl” maintains things delicate and intense at the same time, blending trap and tuneful outpourings throughout the release, with excellent production meeting the intensity of the vocal for an immersive overall. Effective results are contrasted with catchy beats and stylish, seductively concentrated vocals.

Stringflow has selected a more radio-friendly approach, with some gorgeous vocals and distinctive production aspects that contribute to “Bad Girl’s” catchiness. His goal is to create “Bad Girl” for your Ibiza summer mix 2021, with a pop music impact while also focusing on popular radio music in 2021.

“Bad Girl,” which is bold from the start yet musically extraordinary as it progresses, clearly leans towards artistic independence while integrating the evident building pieces of the present trap scene for that appropriate audience reach.

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