2SHER X Crankids X Lexxus MC paints up a creative soundscape for this single Bad Boys”. The ambiance is totally unusual, bringing together a thick and heavy beat – one that meanders in its own seemingly free manner – and some retro synths that feel a little medieval in nature.

The further you get into the song, the more the vibes affect you in a positive way. The release has been structured so as to keep you interested and entertained throughout. This can either be the backdrop to your drive home or certain moments in your day, or it can be the song you turn to when you need to feel that good energy before heading out for the end of the week celebration. The more you hear that scratched track kicking up, the closer you get to the central energy. The melody and the instrumentation are fairly simple natured but undoubtedly effective and easy to enjoy.

The whole track progresses in an unconfined, unpredictable way – there’s no stable structure that can be easily related to, instead this feels like a short film or a piece of theater. However, the further into it you get, the more familiar these various building blocks become – including the artist’s voice – and the more the journey starts to make sense.

What’s great about this song is that every section is worthy of being a hook. Where the average song would offer a minimal verse and a perhaps simple, logical pre-chorus as a pathway to the big moment, this song utilizes every second to draw your interest and keep you entertained. The melodic changes start to happen fairly early on, so although it’s easy to vibe to this track from the offset, there’s also plenty that works hard to remind you to really pay attention and to appreciate the creativity and the honest expression.

For one, the ambiance has a fairly unique set-up – the opening moments showcase the hook, a collection of voices echoing around you. All of this is delicate though, calming to listen to – the melodic vocal is softly soulful, not overdoing the performance but almost whispering the ideas to you. It feels very intimate. Then as the rap vocal comes into play, the mood changes slightly – becomes a little more energizing; the lyrics feed into this further. The rhyme scheme throws out image after image, painting a clear picture and all the while seeing the audience become more and more entranced by the awesome confidence of that voice.

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