Artists Milli On and Pope take the rhythm and soundscape style of most modern hip-hop and infuse it with their own distinct stamp of individuality and character. Milli On and Pope have collaborated on this latest single titled “BackYard.” 

When it comes to music and writing, “BackYard” is a peaceful yet powerful song that delivers both inspiration and motivation in large doses. The background music has a laid-back atmosphere and is exceptionally well crafted, so you’re drawn in from the get-go. In fact, the track only gets better as it progresses.

BackYard” is a song that, when viewed from a distance, appears to be a recent classic; the song’s gentle intensity, the beat, and the vocal flow all suggest that it is. However, listening up close and personal allows you to experience the delicate intricacies that distinguish this release as one-of-a-kind and instantly recognizable piece of music.

The track’s layout is intriguing. Although the beat starts out lightly and subtly, the soundscape develops into a rich, multi-layered narrative over the course of about three minutes. You start to notice how great the beat is as the song progresses. 

The melody entices you in with a confident, laid-back yet slightly exuberant attitude, and then the lead singer emerges, delivering their own story with a distinct tone and character. The instrumentation picks up the tempo and the vocal melody shifts to the peak.

The fact that everything from Milli On is so infused with personality and inventiveness ensures that you’ll recognize future releases from the artist.

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