With his latest release, “BACK WHEN,” HENROCK’s smooth and confident sound rekindles the flames of the hip-hop globe once more.

Henry Todd Favers II, son of Grace Kennedy and Henry Favers Sr., was born on February 26th, 1996, in York, Pennsylvania. Henrock is a Hip Hop musician whose music is geared toward a younger audience and the club scene. 

Henrock’s music is available on a variety of internet music sites, including Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. Henrock’s music breathes new vitality into the Hip Hop culture by reviving the dance floor.

“BACK WHEN” is a piece of hip-hop music that is both energetic and multi-layered, and it deals with exactly what the title suggests. Still, it does so in a decidedly lively and hypnotically appealing style.

A stunning new hip hop hit, “BACK WHEN,” is precisely that: a track that follows its own rules – creates its own path – and makes full use of the strength of the music as well as the potential to shine lyrically and perform-wise. 

There’s something unassuming yet insightful about the whole thing, providing listeners with a welcome counterpoint to the high-energy loops and anthem-like simplicity that characterize much of mainstream hip hop/rap music today.

Once you hear “BACK WHEN” by HENROCK, you’ll know you’ve found a timeless masterpiece of hip-hop.

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