“Babylon’s Wealth,” Heru the First Son’s latest conscious hip hop smash, is a wonderfully smooth and instantly identifiable new song, even after just hearing it once or twice. It seems unique, mellow, and creative, and it gives viewers the sound of an artist who understands his aims and influences while driving with uniqueness – in a subtle but distinct way.

Born in Queens, New York, reared in Brooklyn, New York. Heru is the epitome of pure, traditional Hip Hop. Heru, who now resides in Raleigh, NC, is on a quest to create a Hip Hop revival. Heru’s Hip Hop style is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Rap music, but with new vitality. He is a custodian of the classic techniques and traditions of the Art.

“Babylon’s Wealth” is a song with a specific musical scale and uplifting smoothness that immediately draws you in, as well as a mild yet unforgettable melody-line, which is followed by the artist’s initials, stunning rap performance. The high-octane performance throughout those verses infuses an already fantastic piece of music and writing with a robust level of intensity.

“Babylon’s Wealth” is a massive piece of music with a beautiful beat that gives it a somewhat different vibe, which affects the tone and style of the rapper’s performance. This one features a simple yet effective hook, a simple notion that fits the tone of the music, and a few notes that make it stick with you.

Heru’s voice has an undeniable sense of character and distinctiveness, which is bolstered by his flow and story-telling. You immediately get used to his style, and the song comes across as captivating and sincere. This album serves as excellent exposure to his sound.

All of this implies that the individual components that makeup “Babylon’s Wealth” have been carefully considered, masterfully combined, and mastered. Heru’s most recent release is unquestionably one to keep an eye on.

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