Zaryan Bagdady is a rapper and musician located in New York City that creates hip hop/Reggaeton with raw honesty and depth and some simple but gloriously surprising soundscapes with a touch of RnB to back it up. Ay Mamacita is a sophisticated tune with a gorgeous video that you wouldn’t usually come across. Still, it delivers a refreshing vibe among today’s great majority of high-energy, excessively boisterous hip hop.

Zaryan Bagdady is an up-and-coming worldwide music artist from NYC. With Rap monikers like Bagdady, Zaryan fully lives up to his claims of being “young Aladdin” and “the Picasso of music.” Zaryan’s distinctive style of sing-rapping combines elements of Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, RnB, and World Music. Influenced by artists like Drake, Tyga, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Nav, Shoreline Mafia, and J Balvin, among others, Growing up in LA and NY, and traversing the world led to a unique music style. He has proven he can drop everything from club bangers to Rnb and Reggaeton music that gets you moving or in your feelings. 

There’s a sense of carefree or relaxed expression to the whole thing – the soundscape, the bounce of the beat, and the words all work together – so you get the story, and you get the personality, and you let it do its thing, which it does beautifully and well. The words even cleverly connect to the music loop. 

With his rapping and singing abilities, Zaryan Bagdady has a voice that can effortlessly transition between various genres. There are some unexpected melodic passages, which again serve to add character and keep the song moving.

Ay Mamacita is a massive track, blissfully simple to get lost in, and immensely impressive and appealing in terms of Zaryan Bagdady as an artist to follow. There are bars, creative lines, passionate deliveries, and a solid connection to the art form and this musical soundscape. That’s the kind of energy you need to get you through the rest of the year.

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