The one and only “Stephh V” is back with her utterly unique hip hop sound and songwriting. This song has a lovely mellow rhythm to it, with a pleasant and hopeful sounding melody throughout. There’s a really interesting structure to this song as well, by which I mean that as you follow the lyrics and the music along through the track, there are more than a few occasions of unexpected note changes, the bridge section, for example, the additional vocal, and each and every lyric throughout the whole piece.

As the leading vocal comes into play, any doubts you may have been holding onto are fairly instantly washed away. The artist’s voice is every bit as stylishly soulful as the music supporting it. The sound and the tone throughout is seductively smooth, and yet on top of this, there are some real moments of wow in the performance. “Stephh V” sings with ease, with style, and with great skill and control.

The track is gentle, it’s easy to listen to, it fills the room with a mellow sort of ambiance that is calming, but at the same time there is this massive wave of power within the music. It’s a combination of the vocal skill presented by the artist, and the general way in which the music has been constructed; moving impressively from the soft and subtle, to the outright heavy and attention grabbing.

The song has a fairly minimalist style to it, in terms of the instrumentation, and so, quite appropriately – the music makes its point via very few singular elements. It’s clever, to say the least, and it sounds cool; easy to listen to, reflective, and peaceful. The guitar riff that runs during the intro and intermittently throughout the track, is a good example of a fairly minimalist element; it’s quite simple, in theory, but brilliantly effective. You’ll remember the sound, and so you’ll know the song as soon as you hear the intro; it’s immediately familiar, it gets inside your mind – the starting point of so many great songs.

Her sound has stretched through rap and hip hop genres, and her freedom of expression and experimentation continues as she releases even more new music. Attract” has a somewhat 80’s ambiance to it, fused with a little of that more modern, rap, and a lot of unusual and interesting instrumentation to keep it sounding fresh. She’s an artist with a huge back catalog of songs to share with the world, and the collection is growing all the time. It doesn’t take long to recognize the sound and style of the vocal performances in her music, and this is part of what has helped her to grow such an impressive following online.

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