David Dluna, a Colombian singer, composer, and producer, has created a piece of Dance Music. “Atención – Guaracha” begins as a Latin flavored organic gathering of influences and moments, rising slowly but steadily towards an engaging and easily memorable hook, fusing an evident skill and love for production with a swiftly energetic and fascinating songwriting style.

David Dluna is a Colombian singer, songwriter, and producer who was born in Bogota. For the previous 12 years, he has worked as a Ghost producer. They are now launching new projects, songs, and placements with various international artists in collaboration with Topo La Maskara and Hvb Music Group S.R.L.

“Atención – Guaracha” is far from an introduction to the artist, but it is a massive elevation of the name nonetheless. It is a continuously immersive, high-octane house track that carves out its own route in current music, with thoughtful and immediately unique details blended.

A delicate build-up of apparent mounting expectation precedes the introduction of “Atención – Guaracha,” which begins with ambient, synth-kissed layers of dreamy delicacy, as well as a clear and revealing voice that intrigues for its clarity and story-line revelation.

Soon enough, David Dluna injects his unmistakable sense of self into the music, and the song explodes into higher-octane realms as a result of the fierce rhythm and bass that drives it.

Two featured singers contribute to the creation of authentically engaging dance music that seems timeless and nostalgic in its snippets of personality and variation. Eclecticism keeps things flowing, but we never lose sight of the core threads that retain the energy and welcome addiction as they fall.

Wholly immersive, engaging, and enjoyable, as well as musically satisfying in the way that only the most finely-produced escapism tends to be. On the one hand, a pounding dance track, an energizing downpour, and the blessing of audio on the other. It was nicely done.

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