Monia Amore, a seasoned New York singer/songwriter known for her genre-fluid dynamism, unveils her latest triumph, “At the End of The Day”. This multi-genre marvel resonates with the vibrant pulse of disco-house, the soulful cadences of R&B, and the rhythmic intensity of hip-hop. Her experience of backing legends like Michael Jackson and Busta Rhymes’ echoes in the song’s rich layers, adding depth to her alluring vocal harmonies.

With its upbeat, four-on-the-floor house rhythm and lush strings, “At the End of The Day” paints a compelling auditory tableau of love’s transformative power. The legendary Smooth B adds flair to the bridge with a laid-back freestyle. Amore’s latest release is an entrancing exploration of the world music genre, bridging diverse styles and cultures.

Embark on this rhythmic journey, celebrating love and unity with Monia Amore’s “At the End of The Day”.

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