An Acoustic guitar beauty, “At the End of Autumn,” brings us peace and harmony with its euphonious instrumental by Velvet Landscape.

Paul is a self-produced singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and live performer of songs and instrumental tracks.

Paul also co-writes with singer/songwriter Annette Reis who has performed on the same bill as numerous established artists, including Robert Plant and Jimmy Page at the Buxton Opera House performing in the Alexis Korner Tribute Concert some years ago.

At the End of Autumn is a harmonious piece of music done with acoustic guitars, computerized synths, programmed drum beats, and saxophone tunes. It is unclear if the saxophone parts are from the natural instrument or not, but we liked that infectious hook very much. You will experience Jazz, Rock, and Classic music all in one instrumental track, which is enthralling and encouraging.

Overall the music flows on a mellow rhythm that can calm down the listener while enjoying the Autumn. Perfect addition to the relaxing music collection to listen to while you sleep, relax, study, or do your work. Great stuff.

Listen to At the End of Autumn on Spotify.

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