As Hounds of Thyra launches out an epic and dark new Track As You Roam, fiercely aggressive guitars and distortion pour down under the doubled-vocal weight of sinking grunge melodies.

As You Roam kicks things off – a strong rock song with a falling melody that leads the way in a list structure to the hook’s impassioned, wave-like rise and collapses. Weave in a basic, catchy guitar motif for added recognition, and the song begins on a high note.

Hounds of Thyra is a German hard rock/metal band that released their debut album “Planets to ashes, stars to dust” in March of 2022. The album contains nine songs and can be found on streaming services such as Youtube and Spotify. The band also released a mini-album containing four songs called “Legends of Kattegat” on April 28th, 2022, under Turtle Records. All rights reserved.

Hounds of Thyra’s music can be described as powerful and anthemic, with a touch of melody that makes their songs catchy and easy to sing along to. As You Roam is a perfect example of this, with its driving rhythm and a huge chorus. 

“As You Roam” Juxtraposes the listener’s experience. It’s a song about the feeling of being lost and the search for something to hold on to – but it’s also a song about finding yourself in the darkness and emerging stronger for it. 

As Hounds of Thyra continues to build a strong presence in the metal/rock scene, they’re definitely a band to keep an eye on. With their unique blend of styles, they’re sure to turn heads and win over new fans with every release.

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