Scooter Braun’s name has been making headlines over the past week, as a number of his superstar clients have parted ways with his management company, SB Projects.

Sources close to the situation told Billboard on Tuesday (Aug. 22) that Idina Menzel parted with the manager amicably earlier this year. Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande also left their deals with SB Projects this year. It is unclear whether Grande is severing all business ties with Braun outside of management. Lovato, meanwhile, does not yet have new management, though conversations are reportedly taking place. J Balvin, who signed with Braun back in 2019, exited his deal in May and is now managed by Roc Nation.

The manager poked fun at the situation Tuesday by sending out a tweet that read, “Breaking news… I’m no longer managing myself.”

In 2021, Braun sold SB Projects’ parent company Ithaca Holdings to South Korean entertainment company HYBE, which continues to operate SB Projects. Braun has now taken on the role of HYBE America CEO.

So with some of his major clients off the roster, who is still managed by Scooter Braun? We’ve compiled a list of the manager’s clients below, including when they signed with him.

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