Fangbanger ’s Artificial Flowers bring through a fresh fusion of classic and new rock with this latest single. Artificial Flowers is a track that takes its time to strike, the opening moments offer a lingering sense of anticipation, but it’s not clear in what way this will show itself – or whether it will at all. Once the first chorus hits, the band come into their own entirely – their energy and their influences, this progressive aura and this sort of carefree fusion of sub-genres; you quickly begin to appreciate the songwriting and the sheer musicality of it all.

Fangbanger is a creative who never lets the walls of genre or expectation dictate the music he makes. This track is classically theirs, somehow – there are threads and traits; the voice, the beat, the mood – but it’s also nothing like what came before.

Artificial Flowers is a track that hits harder and connects a little more intensely as it progresses. From the offset, the simple darkness of a mellow rock beat accompanies an equally dark and angst-driven vocal outpouring that immediately captures your attention. These aren’t the sort of lyrics you stumble upon in the mainstream or indeed in much of the world’s rock playlist for the most part. These present a certain difficult truth that isn’t often talked about or expressed in such an open and gritty fashion. Fangbanger tackles it head on, detail for detail, letting the words and their performance intensify accordingly as the concept and the soundscape progresses.

From a production perspective, there are a number of building blocks here that give the piece character. In terms of dance or atmospheric music, the latter half ultimately sees the music find its feet and emerge as something ambient and full. To hear it evolve in this way though, from the minimalist, industrial spaciousness of the intro, actually does add artistic value to the way it’s perceived. As is always the way, Fangbanger utilizes retro synths and samples, even the beat here has something hauntingly past-like about it. The manic click brings a sci-fi edge that’s as unsettling as it is strangely youthful.

The further you get into the track, the more the journey makes sense as a representative (or accompaniment) for the ideas behind it. The vocal snippets multiply towards the inevitable finish, the layers are familiar now – where at first you may feel overwhelmed by the unknown, soon enough this is replaced by what is essentially the Jamit approach to creativity and composition.

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