Arm, Leg, Arm, Head is initially compressed into a side-chaining pattern to ensure it’s a throbbing, breathing, living mix, and it boasts some delightfully laid-back vocals from New York’s Boss Bailey that complement the summery synths really well. It’s easy to see Boss Bailey reclining next to the microphone to deliver them.

Boss Bailey is a rapper, singer, and songwriter who specializes in unique, hype, and trippy rap music. He also makes parody music, including the 2020 hit single “Pocket Full of Busch Lights”. His music is a mix of rap and hip-hop with alternative influences.

Arm, Leg, Arm, Head is a fresh, funny, and energetic song that is sure to get your head nodding along. The music is just as creative, with Boss Bailey’s clever lyrics and delivery. The song is also very catchy, with a great beat and an infectious vocal hook that will keep you hooked.

The vocals are another bonus. They’re excellent, and they have a unique kind of flair to them, thanks to Bailey’s delivery in particular. We’re quickly drawn into the hook: ‘arm leg arm head’ etc. Using alternative rap delivery for verses and then up-close and double-tracked, widespread vocals for other sections, it’s easy to see this artist has versatility.

The song is also short, clocking in at just over three minutes, and it’s a perfect length for a summer song. It’s easy to see this one getting heavy rotation on the radio.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun, catchy summer song, look no further than Boss Bailey’s “Arm, Leg, Arm, Head”. It’s got everything you could want in a summer song, and more. So go ahead and give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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