Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies have been besties since co-starring on Victorious together more than a decade ago — but their new joint Halloween costumes are a long way from Nickelodeon.

The pair shared a dozen photos of their detailed costumes to Instagram on Monday night (Oct. 30), with Grande dressed up as Nomi Malone, Elizabeth Berkley’s rookie stripper in the 1995 Paul Verhoeven-directed erotic thriller, and Gillies dressed up as Cristal Connors, Gina Gershon’s jaded showgirl desperate to cling to her position as the top dancer.

“You and me…we’re exactly alike,” Gillies captioned one photo of the pair side-by-side, wearing coordinated black ensembles that look like they’re borrowed directly from the movie set. In a joint post, Gillies quotes another of Gershon’s famous lines from the film: “You are a whore, Darlin’!” And in a final quotable caption: “There’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.”

In Grande’s final post, she gives one of Berkley’s famous lines some shine: When asked where she’s from on the East Coast, Nomi angrily responds, “different places !!!!!” (You can almost see Elizabeth Berkley throwing her basket of french fries in frustration when you hear those two simple words.)

Last year, Grande and Gillies put together equally elaborate Halloween costumes, re-creating a series of scenes from the Christopher Guest mockumentary Best in Show. Gillies portrays Jane Lynch’s character Christy Cummings while Grande takes on her partner, Jennifer Coolidge’s Sherri Ann Cabot. Later on in the scenes, Grande transforms into Eugene Levy’s Gerry Fleck — eyebrows and all — while Gillies plays Catherine O’Hara’s curly-haired Cookie Fleck.

See all the Showgirls magic below:

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