Great bass-work creates appeal from the outset as this creatively expressive and engaging new rock single from West of House pours through the speakers. Follow this up with delicate guitar play, fast drums, and a brilliantly nostalgic back and forth between intensity and lightness, and Apropos proves a hit of brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship alike.

West of House is an Alternative rock band from Orange County, California who are growing rapidly. Their story is a short but powerful one.  West of the House did not exist before the pandemic. With the world going to lockdown and shutting down everything, as a band they got together and produced their debut album Crescendo of Silence within 9 months.  West of House plays what they say. 

The passion for the whole album comes from its magnificent lyrics which are the heart and the soul of the whole album. They got a lot of positive feedback and love from the audience for the 1st album.  With the experience, they got from the first album they released their second album  Drown the Wind exactly one year after their first album. Musically, vocally and lyrics are a huge step up from the first album. 

Showcasing a clear level of unity and shared passion between band members, Apropos acts as infectious and high energy yet not an excessively heavy hit of alternative rock. There’s a softness to the vocal, to the melody, and this contrasts with the distortion and effected solos found elsewhere. So we get moments of gentle song to connect with and join in for, intermittently with moments of sheer instrumental prowess and fun precisely the kind of showmanship that’s been missing from most of our lives this past year. Stylishly blending a clear love for the live scene and process as much as for writing original, interesting songs, West of House impresses increasingly throughout this new single. Awesome work, a pleasure to turn up loud and escape into. 

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