Haunting hurdy-gurdy tunes descends alongside an upfront and raw vocal lead for the striking and conceptually intriguing opener to Altar of I’s new single.

Alter of I is a melodic death metal band based in Austria. They create music for their own happiness.

Alter of I says, “All members have year-long experience in bands and different genres. We don´t aim to create something ‘new’ or never-been-done-before but rather concentrate on music that simply sounds good and contains everything the members like in music; thus, it should be loud and heavy and contain melodic, brutal, old, and new sounds, in other words, we like to play METAL.” Further says, “Some might call it Melodic Death, Modern Metal, Metalcore or whatever genre that pops up every year. We want to call it Metal because it has got everything that, in our opinion, defines that genre, and we think that it is on the listener to define what we are for them. In the end, we are not here to make anybody happy but ourselves.”

Explosive rock rhythms and chaotic electric guitar downpours unite with progressive song-writing and story-telling combined throughout the powerful song APPLE TREE from ALTAR OF I

What begins as mildly familiar soon evolves into musically impressive, immersive rock realms and tops off this process with a superb vocal lead that tips its hat back to the glam rock legends of a simpler time.

Brilliant guitar work, bass, and absolute peace, and strong musicianship in general from a band clearly united in their passion and skill within the moment. The leading vocals are stunning. There’s a hard rock vibe to things that seems to blend in a more performative, theatrical way. Ultimately, ALTAR OF I paves their own way. Well worth a listen at volume.

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