The great thing about JBM Preach’s sound is that even with only a couple of tracks on our radar, his name and his sound is immediately recognisable. Just reading the lyrics selected over on the ANTI” review reminded me of the melody and of the tone and character of his voice. Never being one to disappoint, this latest release is every bit as unique and interesting as before – perhaps even more so.

ANTI” is a song that feels reasonably familiar at first, but as it progresses – the track offers more and more in the way of originality and creative freedom. “JBM Preach” leans back and forth between the delicacy of heartfelt hip hop, and the quicker, more intense delivery style of rap and hard-hitting electronic. For the most part, the whole thing continues to feed into the soothing ambiance and mood of the music, certain moments though do seek to highlight a different side to the artist, and this is where things get a little more interesting.

The rhythm of the track feels like a racing heart, and the soundscape and the minimalist layers around it feel like delicacy and darkness intertwined. The piece starts off with beauty and softness, which soon descends into something of a heavy pit of movement – an industrial throbbing – and then these tribal flickers of noise and consistent kinetic energy fill up the outer layers. You can sort of visualize this conveyor belt of processes – the systems being the thing that’s valued, not the people who operate them.

Lyrically the song gives the impression of having a minimal level of lines as those first few melodic bars pour through. However, as the verses spring into life, JBM Preach fires up more and more in the way of writing and performance. The story-line grows deeper, more detailed, more intense, and the vibe of the music – although consistent for the most part – still seeks to follow this meandering level of passion.

The second time you hear this the opening ambiance offers a familiar, dreamlike sense of calm. The melody and the leading voice give off a confident and reliable groove. Then as the verses appear, you pay more attention to the outpouring, you catch up with the flow a little better, and the structure of the song – the evolution, the increasing levels of honesty – all work in a more memorable manner. The song is appreciative of a significant other in a beautiful way, and it doesn’t feel fake or forced. There’s something very genuine about the whole thing, building further on how likable it is. Hopefully, there’s a lot more to come.

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