A rare and wonderful kind of artist & songwriter, who takes the time to really be in the world. To see things, rather than to simply look past them. Lance Richards shows his true, talented and awesome colors by releasing this piece of work “Another Day on The Road” with a great vibe. Lance Richards is a Rock Music Producer, Writer and Performer from San Francisco. Lance is the founder of Groovin’ High, Story Makers and The Atlantic: Lance Richards as well.

The track itself is one that really gets better the more you listen to it. Once you’re locked in; once something has caught your attention, it’s not a song you’ll want to skip past at all. The music behind the vocal is of the utmost highest quality, first and foremost; that’s the production, the mix, the creativity, then on top of that you have these lyrics, and not even just lyrics – words alone have little impact, it’s the delivery that makes it matter in music – the performance of these lines and that hook is on point. 

Lance Richards brilliantly delivers the track with a great passion. The depth of that vocal tone, expressed with such a gentle nature, is one that warms you as the song plays. The track opens with a gorgeously simple yet effective, rock sound pace. you can hear the connection, between the performance and the lyrics; between the artist and the art. The song bears an honesty, it shows the true side of the writer.

Lance Richards’s voice is sensational on this track. And when it comes to rock music, it is worth having a deep voice which can naturally attract the audience. This awesome soul has done a brilliant job by releasing “Another Day on The Road” with an attractive video to his beloved audience out there. 

Let’s Rock and Roll!


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