Hailing from Ney York, AM!R is a grammy-nominated producer/songwriter and vocalist –  who worked with the likes of Pan!c at the Disco, Sia and many more.  

Utilizing his unique palette of ‘PuNkSoul’ for creating multi-platinum records for other artists, he’s also continuing to build up his own solo catalogue.

His brand-new single ‘OK!’,  is a collaborative electonic banger realized together with James Patterson (aka Jpatt), one half of the world famous The Knocks. 

Both having deep hip hop, and dance floor roots, ‘Ok!’ is a groovy, soulful journey into the ideal New York City night, brimming with confidence, cool, and a little crazy. 

Speaking about the song, AM!R explains: “The song’s message… Get the hell out of your own f*cking way! Say ‘OK!’ to yourself, to your style, to your life! Say ‘OK!’ to the sexy stranger in your ear, to all your kinks, to the beautiful unknown! Creating a moment and a feeling worth chasing. It’s those moments and feelings that help the world feel a little less gnarly. A little more like it’s happening for you, instead of to you. And if we can help someone get to that place through the music, then we did our job

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