First appearances can be deceiving. Take Wesley Plumber, the mild-mannered computer guy who auditioned on America’s Got Talent.

The 36-year-old doesn’t look like the type to seek out the bright lights of showbiz. Revealing a touch of nerves, the AGT hopeful remarked that his plan was to play piano, and sing. No jazz hands, not histrionics. Just do his thing, in front of the nation.

By day, our guy handles tech for a small hotel chain. On Tuesday night (Aug. 9), the big reveal.



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What would he do with the million dollar winner’s check? “I would quit my job, even though I like it, and do music full-time,” was his response.

There was nothing super, however, when he started his performance with ABBA’s “Take a Chance On Me,” a rendition flatter than a pancake squished under a steamroller.

Then, a call from the audience, “give him another chance.” And, well, a flashmob. Our “techie” playing his part in a guerilla audition, a spectacle of silly — complete with marching band.

Pulling back the curtain, Plumber, an actual composer and music director by the name of Eric Gersen, introduced his team at Improv Everywhere, a comedic performance art group based in New York City.

Sofia Vergara thought the performance was “fun” and the band “fantastic,” but there was no element of surprise. “Unfortunately I knew something was coming because of the acting.”

Simon Cowell actually “was surprised. I just love how it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I loved the song choice. I really liked this audition.”

It was a yes from Cowell and Heidi Klum, a no from Vergara. Howie Mandel had the final surprise. A great, big no. And just like that, the flashmob dissipated.

Watch below.

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