For this beautiful new single from Francis De Los Santos, “AMADA,” breathy vocals and soulful melodies rise and fall amid a charming atmosphere.

Francis De Los Santos is a well-known and acclaimed songwriter and musician from the United States who is well-known for his extraordinary talent. His music is the key that hooks your heart almost instantly.

The soulful melodies of the tune quickly create a dynamic and warm environment and are soon accompanied by a smooth and equally soft vocal – one that brings in a startling soul pop-kissed atmosphere and highly intimate lyrics; poetically presenting a fantastic tale.

The opening verse shows an outpouring of the story, with a basic tune for the most part, as things build into a bold and stunningly catchy hook, led by breathy voices and a clear feeling of building suspense.

“AMADA” progresses steadily during a post-four-minute lifespan, despite being unique in its approach to concept and delivery and well-rooted in pop production and inventiveness. 

What begins as a pleasant, engaging single quickly transforms into a massive and uplifting escapism smash – complete with a brilliant instrumental breakaway that proves a refreshing dip into the world of music intricacy and melody.

Francis De Los Santos’ latest release, “AMADA,” displays no need for filler or showy additions to the mix as it goes – the strength is in writing, the concept, and the delivery, all of which bring attention to a composer at the top of his game.

The music is impossible to resist from the start, feeling nostalgic but seductive, and eventually hooks you indefinitely as the chorus surges through and repeats a couple more times.

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