RICHARD JELLINEK strikes with a hit of beautifully intimate songwriting – and a hook section that explodes into life. The whole thing feels like an eighties rock hit, ready and waiting to be rediscovered.

Richard Jellinek is a songwriter, guitarist, and producer from Poland. Richard’s music is intriguing, emotional piece of good sound with a beautiful composition that immediately connects with the audience from the very first listen.

Richard started with two pop-rock singles, but his music is modern rock, referring to the best sounds of the ’80s. Currently, on the single ALTERNATIVE LOVE, you can hear typical, good rock sounds, with strong guitars and a fantastic voice from Lukky.

Richard plans to release his first album of 10 songs in mid-2021.

The beginning of Alternative Love reminded us of Richard Marx because the music and the beats followed his style, and who doesn’t love his style? The mellow music and soulful vocals of Richard make the song more romantic and euphonious. A mix of pop and rock style music that is blended perfectly and a percussion that can move your head subconsciously. We are simply blown away by his music style and his intimate melancholic songwriting.

Watch the official music video of Alternative Love on Youtube. Follow Richard Jellinek on Instagram and check out “Richard Jellinek composer” official website for more song releases.

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