Heartfelt pop composed and performed with pure emotion and accuracy – malta3, a K-pop Producer located in Seoul, rebuilds the classic ballad with a soulful and catchy new song “alright.”

The song delivers a memorable and appealing hook – more simple, brighter in melody, and more passionately conveyed, yet relatively delicate in production – after displaying a degree of growing anticipation throughout the opening verse.

This surprising turn contributes to malta3’s recognizable artistry. Only an acoustic strum, a kick drum, and that voice carry us through the vital resolution.

The tune leads with gloriously accessible vocals that organically drive things and connect for their emotive authenticity, building up beautifully with the ageless familiarity of organic rhythm, bass, and voice.

“alright” is a beautiful piece of songwriting that combines intimate songwriting with engaging, relatable good vibes. The single, in particular, promises a stripped-down experience of genuine longing for connection and love.

It adds emotional weight to the generally lighthearted suggestion of the globally recognized “alright” call.

The single, which comes with a series of equally beautiful graphics, leads with a musically good, surprisingly inventive backbone and keeps things anthem-like and approachable in the mainstream lanes.

The official video for “Alright” emphasizes the malta3 brand’s creative depth and enthusiasm even further. The visuals engage, delight, and reinforce the surprising yet brilliantly attractive. And the streaming figures speak for themselves — great things are on the way.

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