Bianca Rosenthal, an eleven-year-old singer/songwriter, and artist crafts “Alone,” a genuinely emotional and engaging statement of loneliness that we all experience from time to time, with utter heart and passion, in keeping with the implications of the title.

At the remarkably young age of 11, Bianca Rosenthal displays great artistic and vocal aptitude. Her song “Alone,” written at the age of ten under shelter-in-place orders, is a relatable memory of how many of us felt at the time. It hits close to home for portraying the sensation of loneliness that we all experience at times. 

Bianca made “Alone” a reality through hard effort and online virtual vocal performance, songwriting, and electronic music production classes. Bianca’s next song is set to be released on December 15th, as she continues to reveal tracks from her debut EP, “Time.” If this is the start of Bianca’s narrative, we should all be interested in witnessing her gift development. This up-and-coming musician will be in the spotlight in the near future.

Somewhat natural in its hypnotic, multi-layered realm of voice and synth and rhythms, “Alone” consistently improves its connection with and indeed holds over its audience. 

The first verse is an outpouring of the story after the introduction of breathy vocals and a strong feeling of building anticipation. The majority of the song is a simple, catchy tune that builds towards a bold and gorgeously sorrowful hook.

The song’s entirety takes a significant step forward at this time — the listener is hurled headfirst into heavy pop territory while experiencing a meaningful yet memorable moment of addictive transition.

The latter half furthers the lyrical intrigue of the opening moments, so the final drop into bliss really hits with impact thanks to that shift and that last injection of contrast.

Excellently arranged and performed, “Alone” stands out for its strong arrangement and vocal performance. It is well-known for its pop features but is also fresh in its detailing and layers, as well as the softly distinctive tone of Bianca Rosenthal’s voice.

“Alone” is an Incredible and refreshingly modern music, with beautiful composition and production that has a precise degree of depth and purpose—which connects to you in an authentic, motivating, and unforgettable way.

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