You never really know what the next thing to take you brilliantly by surprise will be. Something about certain presentations of music, certain forms of expression, the certain exercising of creative freedom, combined explosively to offer this new and exciting array of sound that completely wins you over. That’s exactly the case with “ALLAH” by “100k jk.”

“ALLAH” is a fairly definitive track and showcases some of the rapper and producer’s absolute greatest qualities. This particular meeting of the music and the voice has resulted in the utmost intense and infectious vibes, leaving you lost in the aftermath of the words, the varying flow, the instrumental whirlwind, and the power of that hook. Without a doubt, this track drops a hook that never misses.

The music is undoubtedly soaked in a certain sort of alternative or experimental sound, but this merely adds to the individuality of the whole release, and it takes nothing away from the rhythm and drive of it all. The music is hypnotic to the point that you may find yourself dipping in and out of the lyrics, though whenever you’re in – you’re clinging to every syllable; following these lines along, pausing, and heading back a little further for anything you may have missed. Creativity is key and it comes in high doses with this track. That goes for the beat, the lyricism, and the overall soundscape that has been so freely crafted yet storms into your consciousness with the intent of a lightning bolt. Well worth experiencing.

The verse melodies are strong and they lead well into the almighty power of the hook. The hook showcases the core of the song and its message. The way it’s been recorded and produced leaves plenty of room and possibility for remixes or further collaborations. It’s definitely a track that could be transferred to a number of different sub-genres, which is always a strong point, particularly when it comes to hip-hop music.

This is high-powered, highly passionate, ever-inspiring music, with every possible flavor thrown in at various moments to continuously spice things up to the greatest possible level. Although it may sound like a lot to handle, these songs are incredibly well crafted. “ALLAH” is a compelling one-minute and eighteen-second journey and its chemistry are undeniable, and the build-up and breakdown of the music throughout is stunning – eclectic, exciting, intense, invigorating, and energizing. Always skilfully performed and, as mentioned, always crafted with care. “100k jk” is a stand-out discovery for the summer, well worth indulging in, and definitely the perfect artist to provide an unforgettable evening of music for any willing audience.

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