Freezy Uno has released a video in support of his new single, “All Night,” which is currently available on all major streaming sites. Freezy Uno’s music is a vibrant and uplifting accompaniment to his distinct vocal tone and flow, which is very entertaining for hip hop and pop fans equally.

Dajour Ritter was born and raised in York city, Pennsylvania, and he goes by the stage name Freezy Uno. He is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter who’s been singing since the age of 10. It all started in his family’s choir. Being in the family choir, he sang beside the Akon girl group “sweet Rush” at the Kenny center in Washington DC, and he also opened up for Shirley Caesar. He eventually started releasing his own music at the age of 13. His ultimate goal is to become a household name and bring urban pop-rock and island trap to the world as one genre.

“All Night” starts with a fantastic beat, innovative and spacious, made up of a few practical and peaceful riffs – without hiding behind volume, weight, or effects since it doesn’t need to. 

Lyrically, the single is close to subjects that are frequently touched upon in much of today’s hip hop – there’s familiarity in these phrases and ideas, but Freezy Uno uses that to engage an audience; he later displays a definite sense of freedom and character.

Throughout, the beat remains bright and colorful, leaving the listener feeling elevated by its positive sentiments. The writing’s feeling of depth, however modest, has a tremendous impact. “All Night” is a remarkable composition and a deliberate, audience-aware work of music and prose.

A delicate track that floods the room with brightness, hope, and drive, as well as the simple positive vibes we all seek this time of year. The final element of the piece is made up of impressive, clever bars. Freezy Uno’s “All Night” is a release that we’re sure to hear a lot more of in the near future.

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