Ricardo Redd is one of the greatest, well-talented, and awesome artists who truly believe in music in a positive manner. “All For One Dance Mix” is his latest release to all the audience out there and as the audience, we are pretty sure people are going to love this piece of work once they listen to the same. 

It’s often quite easy to tell if an artist releases dance music or EDM style track simply to draw in a certain type of audience, as opposed to just doing it because that’s the music they love – that’s the music that comes naturally to them. This latest release comes through as undeniably genuine, an expression of freedom for life and music and dancing; the song itself screams out to this sentiment and the accompanying a great vibe it up brilliantly.

The rhythm and overall backdrop to the piece have a fairly simplistic and even organic sound for the most part. The EDM music accompanying the beat, the retro keys, the gentle use of notes, the slightly haunting vocal melody playing out behind that which brings the lyrics – it all makes for a captivating and unexpectedly emotional few minutes of listening. The artist’s leading voice has a classic and joyful tone and performance style, yet the lyricism presented brings something of a chaotic, deeply human sentiment – an outpouring of ideas. This touch of realness is incredibly personal, yet it’s approached in a way that welcomes you into the mix, that reaches out to you as a listener, and in many cases, the lyrics or certain lines connect with you specifically, with your own experiences.

Not to ruin the onslaught of expression for new listeners, but despite the blissful ambiance of the opening of the track, reflective, even spiritual nature of the lyrics and music, what unfolds, later on, is so far removed from what may be expected, that other songs thereafter may seem significantly predictable in comparison. There’s a certain manic energy to the sound that emerges as the song progresses, though in among the instrumental mayhem there is a distinct melody, a distinct leading voice, and a distinctly memorable hook that implants its idea in your mind after just a single appearance.

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