Catchy pop melodies and breathy vocals mix with a speedy riff and click-rhythm for a combination of funk and pop energy – Ingmar Kiviloo’s catchy and groovy Aega On Veel works its magic effortlessly.

Ingmar Kiviloo is a seventeen-year-old Estonian singer-songwriter. Music has been a part of Ingmar’s entire life; he has usually played classical violin and piano, but a little less than two years ago, Ingmar chose to pursue his ambition of creating and performing pop music. Last fall, Ingmar competed in the major TV show Estonian Idol and placed sixth out of 800 contestants, which gained him a lot of attention and fame in the Estonian music scene.

Ingmar is sharing this particular song in the Estonian language in collaboration with one of their most famous male singers Uku Suviste. Ingmar says, “The song is about how we should never give up in any situation and always strive forward, always having enough time to reach our goals and that it is never too late to do something. I know that even if people do not understand the lyrics, music is what connects us universally, and I hope you enjoy listening to this song.”

Aega On Veel follows a classic pop-rock arrangement with the addition of some finely-crafted complexities to elevate it, as well as an equally ageless array of graphics for the lyric clip.

Ultimately, an anthem with a full-band presence, replete with a horn and vocal repeat breakdown immediately after the second half — a brilliant redirection that demands to be seen live.

Aega On Veel, musically flawless, energetic and brilliant, uplifting and near-euphoric at its peak, stands tall on the strength of its musicianship and Ingmar Kiviloo’s energy when playing. However, we get the personal components, the revealing and sensitive lyrics, and these connect more and more with each repeat.

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