Introducing Adam Whitehead, the sensational artist whose captivating sound blurs the boundaries between rock and alternative country. With his latest release, “Life & Outlaw Sh*t,” Whitehead takes listeners on a thrilling musical journey that has captured the attention of Country Radio and earned him the distinction of becoming the newest artist member of the CMA.

Drawing comparisons to legendary icons like Waylon Jennings, Tom Petty, Koe Wetzel, and Morgan Wallen, Adam Whitehead embraces a unique blend of genres, injecting his signature style into every lyric and guitar riff. His music resonates with authenticity, striking a chord with both country music enthusiasts and rock aficionados.

“Life & Outlaw Sh*t” serves as a testament to Whitehead’s undeniable talent and artistic vision. With its infectious energy, relatable storytelling, and irresistible hooks, the single has garnered acclaim from both critics and fans alike.

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