Dirache’ voice carries the sentiment and melody in a notably easy-going yet characterful way, and this works well in this setting. The music has been crafted in an effective way as well in this piece of work “Adam & Eve”, so with every changing section, every development within the melody or the plot – the music follows suit, supporting and enhancing the tone, and always leading up with skill and relevant detail towards the song’s hook.

For a song that offers a certain style of melodic development which, in itself, is enough to entertain and satisfy any number of popular music fans, this awesome track of Adam & Eve” presents a pleasantly surprising, high energy soundscape, which builds on that initial vibe in a strong way. What I mean by this is that the music, the creative production, the build-up, the drop – all of it hits hard in the manner that many of the bigger singles generally do. The ambiance is multi-layered, motivational, expressive, detailed, and on top of this – the song itself is smooth, well-performed, characterful, and offers a fresh take on relationship struggles. The topic is widely accessible, the approach is appropriately in keeping with the electronic energy of the remix, and vice versa, so these two sides of the system work really well together.

The first thing that hits you with Adam & Eve” is the opening soundscape and the video – it’s a simple set of notes, smoothly bound together in a cool and quickly appealing way. Surrounding this, the warmth of a wash of keys makes up light and dreamlike backdrop – an easy-to-absorb chord progression gradually evolves in a fresh yet satisfying way. The development of the melody follows a similar pathway. The verses present a story-telling style of performance, then comes the repetition of a certain line – the things that don’t matter – making certain you take it in, which you do, and the music perfectly uplifts in a way that really enhances that laid back sentiment; that suggested lack of unnecessary concern. Then finally the hook, the central idea – the focus on how it feels, on the moment, the little things. The build-up works well.

Lyrically the song fuses a lot that is inspiring and attractive, with a touch of things that have come to pass. There’s a hint of underlying sadness, but it’s expressed only by means of a single line – the music is consistently bright and upbeat, the optimism is unquestionable, and this adds to that energizing element and that colorful ambiance that keeps you entertained throughout. Dirache is a well-talented great artist, the song is beautiful, and a live show would likely be huge.

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