Milli on & 6avekellyoungguap ’s music is about as authentic as hip-hop and rap gets. The track Activated” showcases an artist with an intense level of passion for music and lyricism, as well as one with fresh bars, a genuine sense of storytelling, and a characterful leading voice.

The great thing about the song is that the music supporting the essence of it – the ideas, the melody – consistently works hard to enhance the current moment. As the song progresses, this haunting and almost otherworldly ambiance unfolds and expresses various sentiments or various scenes, as it were, all of which feed well into the central storyline or mood of the piece.

The style and swagger of that leading vocal are on point, the tone of voice, the confidence, the underlying message – the sound has rhythm and power and showcases a constantly evolving, ever capable lyricist and performer. The structure of the track pays tribute to that minimalist element in a way, there’s an abundance of creativity in terms of the layout – the arrangement of the lyrics, the verses, the hook – but for the most part, the whole thing has been very cleverly crafted so as to draw your focus to the flawless finish of it all and the strength and energy of those vocal parts.

The hook takes hold from the second you hear it, and Milli on & 6avekellyoungguap  is, without doubt, a rapper with an intense and memorable sound and flow. Activated” strikes as something of a smash hit, or an underground, independent revelation – the kind of discovery that makes all the searching seem worthwhile.

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